Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Looking Nomad

Wahyu Supriyana is a true nomad. He makes his fortune by selling, buying and trading whatever goods he can find along his path to find his soul mate. Indonesia Prattler spotted this well-trimmed bearded man at Pasar Buah Batu in Bandung not too long ago.

Indonesia Prattler amazed by the excessive quantity of goods he brought along to sell at this market. Arm saw, screwdriver, chisel and pump just to name a few. Most of these items were obtained not with money, but by giving others a hand. Wahyu travels the Java island mostly by foot, and whenever he sees someone who needs help he'd voluntarily give all he has to overcome his/her problem. "They would usually pay me with goods, like this sickle for example, I got this from helping an old guy saving his wife from drowning in a creek in Tulungagung. I usually refused for any compensation but they're all always persistence", Wahyu said with a big grin. Well, we can't blame them now, can we, Wahyu? You are such an angel.

Wahyu sells the items he's gotten to eat. He could gather a great sum of money in one day, yesterday alone he scooped 54,700 rupiahs. A staggering a mount of money! So staggering he had to wrap-up earlier than usual to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, which he usually gets to enjoy once in a bluemoon. When Indonesia Prattler asked why would he travel such great distance, he replies, "I am looking for the love of my life. When I was 26, I had a dream that the love of my life would be living here in Bandung. But, having no money to come here, I decided to start walking from my hometown Purwokerto. This was almost 8 years ago."

Wahyu is very accustomed to this way of nomad life. He claims that he would never want to stay at a motel or the-like for he loves the open air. "Why would you want to limit of what you can see with walls and roofs when you can see this beautiful scenery God has created for us. Besides, I am saving my money to marry the love of my life I am yet to find", Wahyu says while brushing his thick mustache.

Why settle down and calls some place a home when the land under the big blue sky is all yours?


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