Sunday, October 14, 2007

High Toll-erance

Indonesia Prattler savored the joy of the yearly "mudik" tradition of Indonesians just recently, and on our way, we came across a good-looking lad whose charms are nicely kept inside a glorious tollbooth. The somewhat flirtatious gentleman wished that we would not divulge his real name and merely gave the permission for us to use his initials for this rather rushed interview. Enjoy Ms. Brandy's amazingly amusing encounter with one of the city's most eligible bachelors, CP.

How long have you worked as a toll booth executive?
About a year and a half. I wouldn't say I'm an executive, though. My work is pretty much hands-on. I don't like being classified.

Ah, pardon my ignorance Sir.
No problem. And um, please, don't call me 'Sir'. I'm not even 29.

We understand that there were changes in the toll fare. What are your opinions on the matter?
I don't quite get what the fuss is all about, really. To me, there are worst things that the people should be protesting against and take actions at. This is just a small thing. We need Jakartans to focus.

How do you see Jakarta's worsening traffic?
Well from where I'm sitting now, it is quite bad. Therefore people need the toll road more than ever these days, and that's where I came in.

How do you feel about what you are doing?
You would never imagine how gratifying it is to be sitting here in this booth, receiving money straight from the toll road users. I know it might sound pretty silly, but I love seeing the smile on their faces whenever they exit the toll road which usually means they're already close to their respective destinations. But to tell you the truth, I loved the old system much better, when I sit on the entrance booths and giving out entry tickets.

Because seeing people's reliefs after being stuck in the traffic for hours brings peace to my soul. It's like I'm their savior. I'm Superman! Ha ha!

Wow, I bet that's quite a feeling.
Indeed. Especially when it comes to the ladies. It's always nice to see pretty faces smile than frown. Although, you know, I like how today's girls pout. I find them sexy.

Ah, speaking of women, you are literally one of the few very eligible bachelors in the fast lane. How do you divide work and romance?
To me it's all about professionalism when it comes to work. I might work in the fast lane, but romance-wise, I'm pretty aloof. My family says I'm too selective. Well I guess it's how you perceive 'love' in general. To me, love should be the opposite of work so when the time comes to merge them, it would be a perfect fit.

What do you consider a dream life?
Oh, do you mean the one I'm living already?

Well we... er... okay let's rephrase the questions: are there things in life you're still after?
I guess... not that many. It's probably hard to understand for most people, but to me life's good already. I have a fantastic job which not many people can do, a private office at the heart of the city, and easy access to women-watching. What more can a guy ask? Ha ha!

What are your opinions on Trans Jakarta Projects that are accused on being the cause of the city's traffic jams?
To tell you the truth, I again don't really see what the fuss is all about. These people never even try to see the lighter side of things even when they have so many options. There are alternative roads leading to even the most exclusive parts of the city like my neighborhood, for instance. So to me, rather than biting each other's tails and pointing fingers at one another, Jakartans should just try to take things one step at a time and re-examine what the core of the problem is all about. In the end, they are also the ones who are going to benefit from the facility. Why all the protest now? I don't understand it.

Are you a Trans Jakarta user?
I don't believe in mass-transportation. To me, having to commute with strangers every single day is just too mind-boggling. I prefer to ride my very own motorbike. I belong to a motorbike brotherhood.

A Harley Davidson?
That's for peasants. I despise its awful sounds. To me, my matic scooter is the best.

Do you have a dream car?
Lady, I've been doing what I'm doing for quite some time now. I know what I see everyday and if you really think I'm getting a car... let's just say I don't really want to take the toll (road).

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Teez said...

Wow. What a charmer. Is he single?

Reading this blog, I just realized there must be millions and millions of interesting 'professionals' out there throughout the archipelago.

I've always been interested in beggars though. Do they really have no choice of employment? I somehow doubt it. Might be an interesting story piece ;)