Sunday, June 3, 2007

Swept Us Off Our Feet

This placidly looking gentleman has been in service for the city's waste management department for years. Despite of his rank in the department after years of service, he is still at his best with his unpretentiousness in appearance. The loose-fitting t-shirt he is wearing allows him to move his arms around with the brooms in both hands. "The brooms were made of the finest thin woods you can ever obtain in the Kampung Curug area, while the rubber to tied the thin woods together was acquired from an old underwear, which I forfeited to complete the making of the brooms", this fine looking with perfectly-shaped nose gentleman named Mujianto says proudly. The matching brownish cargo pants - with a hint of dirt that gives the impression of a real fellow - was purchased from a respectable market called Pasar Ciputat, the pink baseball cap completes his daily-working style.

His responsibility to his important task is unquestionable; he never lets the city down with dirt and garbage appearing before his eyes, thus the on-guard position tools he is having while enjoying the palatable gourmet from a nearby bistro. "I like the open-air," he says while sitting on the city's plush 18th century type of ceramic to devour the delicious rice topped with crisp, square-shaped soybean curds - that is now widely consumed by vegetarians wordwide - with the most natural and useful tool he ever received from God, his hands.

While his friends are packed with their belongings and ready to depart the work place with a huge, expensive and famous german made vehicle in the background of this picture to see their loved ones, Mujianto opts to stay. "I need to make sure that the city is clean, even after the sun sets and everybody is asleep," Mujianto says with a smile, showing small bits of the aforementioned soybean curd in between his teeth.

Mujianto is the exact type of person we need, as without him it is indisputably that we are unable to enjoy the excellent view of our beloved metropolitan.

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